Tears hiding in rain ,
Tears hiding in shadow ,
Tears rolling down my cheeks ,
Like there’s no tomorrow .



Suicide is not an option .
No matter what the situation is like .
No matter how the people are .
No matter what you feel like .
You have a lot to live for ,
people care , people love
and somewhere beneath you care .

If you or someone you know is struggling , you are not alone.
Suicide is NOT an option .

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This is going the depict a little scene , where you will be able to experience a part of India !

People hustling , streets bustling 
Marketeers are busy dusting .

A rainy day in the capital
People gathering under the tarpaul .

Shopkeeper ranting about the surplus bread ,
says that the mice had a party fest !

Someone's got to break the awkward silence .
Weather ! Let's talk about it .

Acting like meteorologists , lets see what they have to say
"It will rain all day. " , one says and others just repeat !

Can we get back?

I’m sorry , yeah
But I just couldn’t let my feelings inside .
And I didn’t know how I could say it right .
Can we just get back to how we were like , back then
I hope we’ll be alright !

I’m sorry , yeah
But I just couldn’t see you feel not alright .
And I didn’t know how I could make it right .
I am just sorry…

Losing Connections

Losing connections just to connect with myself .

was losing myself .
Losing myself , in the midst of all this .
All the stress , all the hassles .
I had forgotten what I’ve been wanting to do after all .

Too messed up , too confused .
It took a while for me to come back ,
back to normal .
But now I’m back , on the right track .


The world stands still ,
the skies bow down ,
everytime you come into sight .

Oh my love ,
sit in front of me ,
and let me fill 
my empty heart and my empty vision.

If you asked for a star ,
I’ll bring you the moon , 
I would bring the entire sky 
and we’ll sleep right under it
until it’s the next afternoon .