You can either look at the opportunities or look at the obstacles .

The skill of looking at the positives first and then assessing the negatives is widely found in entrepreneurs nowadays .

If I have a business opportunity never started by anyone before and I keep thinking about the obstacles of starting it .

Once the starting obstacle has been overcome then anything is possible!

Even while starting to indulging into new prospects or hobbies , overcoming the first roadblock is the most difficult thing but remember that the journey ahead will be so much worth it .


” Spaceships , don’t come equipped , with rear view mirrors .”

A song lyric that has a deeper meaning .

The past doesn’t exist , neither the present ,’ the now ‘ doesn’t exist .

We should be living at the finish line of an obstacle that is in our way .

Suppose , you have a marathon to run or a mountain to climb , if you question yourself , ‘ Oh my , will I be able to do this ?’ then you definitely won’t .

But if you picturise or visualise in your head that this run or hike is going to be a piece of cake and see yourself at the finish line then without a doubt you will reach your goal without any difficulty or even if you come across an obstacle , you are jumping right over it because you have set your mind on reaching the FINISH LINE .

Say to yourself , ‘ Everything is going to be easy .’