My heart is open
and I’m trying to give ,
to whoever wants it too .

My heart is open
for anyone to come ,
and share their feelings too .

My heart is open
and it’s a wound that has lasted ,
a long while now .

My heart is open
and it’s bleeding forever ,
I don’t know if I can stop it soon .


I asked her out !
she didn’t want me to feel bad ,
she didn’t know what to say ,
she was confused herself .

After a while she asked ,
“What’s the right answer ? ” and I said ,
“Whatever’s there in your heart .”

She shed a tear , said this made her clear .
And then , she asked me out !


The world stands still ,
the skies bow down ,
everytime you come into sight .

Oh my love ,
sit in front of me ,
and let me fill 
my empty heart and my empty vision.

If you asked for a star ,
I’ll bring you the moon , 
I would bring the entire sky 
and we’ll sleep right under it
until it’s the next afternoon . 


Who am I ?

You tell me .

Am I the one who makes you laugh to tears ?

Or am I the one who cries himself to sleep ?

Who am I ?

You tell me .

Am I someone without a heart ?

Or am I someone who will love you till the world falls apart ?

Who am I ?

Do you really know me ?

Ask yourself .

Did you try to find me ?


Follow your heart . Be it your career choice or what you feel like eating in dinner tonight or if you don’t like a certain subject and don’t find it interesting then leave it because , if you do pursue it later then you might be getting desired marks but will certainly not be excited while studying that subject . I can bet that you will always be happy if you follow your heart . 

Sometimes , the thing you don’t like might be the only way to do what you want , for example , any subject is required for later studies .

Then some thoughts might appear in your mind like, ‘I’m stuck’ , ‘I’m scared’ and ‘I don’t think I can do this’ . These are just the things stopping you to do what you want but think that you can’t .

You have to learn to take care of the things that you fear the most . Now, one asks ‘How to take care of them ?’ or ‘I know this already , just give me a solution ‘ . You face them , with all your grit and all your passion . And if you know this already then you must have the answer to but are too scared to face them .

If what you’re doing is what you want to and not what you need to then you would do anything to face whatever comes your way .