A dream…

Pretty little girl !

with pretty little eyes .

As soon as she looked at me ,

she wanted to say hi .

But due to her father’s fear,

she just smiled and shied .


You ask me if I’m okay ,

I say that I’m fine ,

but the truth really is

that you’ve been running through my mind 

I can’t see anything ,

love is making me blind 


Still you say that I seem okay ,

but that’s what I show from outside

the truth really is that all I did is whine .


I’m scared to get too close

but I hate being alone .

I’m scared that how it goes ,

it will end up on the phone .


I’m scared to share too much ,

but I hate being so quiet around you .

I’m scared to express too much ,

because I don’t know how it will turn up .


I’m scared to get attached too much ,

because when you’ll leave it will hurt .

I’m scared that I won’t handle it well 

and will be left alone in the dirt .



I’m not well ,

I wish you were here .


I wish you were here ,

holding my hand 

giving me support .


I wish you were here ,

by my side

listening to all I want to say .


But you choose not to ,

please tell me why 

I want to know the reason 

I’m slowly dying from inside


I’ve been waiting for so long ,

at least now just please answer me .

Have I done anything wrong ?

put me out of this whole misery .


I was there when you needed ,

no one else came when you pleaded .

I was there standing next to you ,

even when you lost all hope and felt you were defeated .


It is not often that 

I fall in love with someone ,

the first time we meet 

but with you , we just clicked .


We talked and talked for hours 

my favourite colour ,

your favourite flowers .

Everything was just so perfect 

that we didn’t even get to know 

when my hand was in yours .