Tears are nature’s lotion for the eyes . The eyes see better for being washed by them .


The pain in your eyes ,
it’s just killing me inside

To see you like this , just shredding
shredding apart , in front of me .

But I’m helpless .



You knew it all along ,
don’t lie to me .
I know you did .
Why did you hide from me ?

Acting like it’s nothing ,
all the time , you were just ignoring .
Why didn’t you tell me before ?
You had to bring me down to the core ?

I loved you ,
and you murdered it .
You are a murderer of love .

Can we get back?

I’m sorry , yeah
But I just couldn’t let my feelings inside .
And I didn’t know how I could say it right .
Can we just get back to how we were like , back then
I hope we’ll be alright !

I’m sorry , yeah
But I just couldn’t see you feel not alright .
And I didn’t know how I could make it right .
I am just sorry…

I wish …

I wish I was there for her ,

when she needed me .

I wish I could care for her ,

when she would plead for it .

I wish I listened , for a moment ,

what she wanted to say .

I wish I just sat by her ,

and not just walk away .

I just wish , to turn things around ,

but we can’t be the same .


Since the moment when you went away 

A part of me is missing 

All I see is you , on the streets , in my dreams 

I think that I’ve been tripping .


The coffee I’ve been sipping 

The book that I’ve been reading 

All those places where I’ve been 

All I think about is you 

Oh my god I think I’m cribbing on the fact I’m not with you .