Squeaking of the shoes against the table 
Labour , out working 
hammering the hammer 
drilling the drill .
Catching up on missed moments
gushing wind ,
sun trying to creep in through the foggy clouds .

A Conversation With Google Assistant !

Me: ” Is Siri better than you ? “

Google Assistant(GA) : ” Siri’s the best Siri , I try to be the best Google Assistant .”

Me : ” So you have no competition ? “

GA : ” I don’t understand .”

Me : ” Is Siri your enemy ? “

GA : ” I have soft spot for assistants , we’re all in this together ! “

What to do when you're Angry or Bored ?!?

When you are feeling bored or angry when your partners in shopping are taking too long and just roaming around a big shop aimlessly (in my case , my parents ) , all you Need is Something Simple !

Try to light up others’ day so you feel a little better about yours !

Start a conversation with a random stranger , make them feel recognised and appreciated ( try to find people working , like I do )

So I started a conversation with the security guard of this shop in the mall . I asked him about his job , his routine , the reporting time and the closing time , so just stuff mostly about him as you want them to share more and just listen to them quietly .

Doing this sometimes makes you more appreciative of what you have and gain an experience of life consisting real struggle .