The best things in life
are yet to come .

Don’t lose hope
Times are good , times are bad .

Wait for the moment
for your life to flip around !



I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do.

~ Jana Stanfield

In this vast world , people are busy , in a hurry , tensed and dealing with a lot of problems which may wear them down .

Humanity can be and has to be maintained in this world and as humans it is our job to ease any person off any tension .

A small deed a day done to anyone can make their whole day and spread positivity .

Always offer water to the person delivering something to your house , express gratitude to your taxi driver who made sure you reach home safely , thank the security guard of your society , pass on smiles !


This is going the depict a little scene , where you will be able to experience a part of India !

People hustling , streets bustling 
Marketeers are busy dusting .

A rainy day in the capital
People gathering under the tarpaul .

Shopkeeper ranting about the surplus bread ,
says that the mice had a party fest !

Someone's got to break the awkward silence .
Weather ! Let's talk about it .

Acting like meteorologists , lets see what they have to say
"It will rain all day. " , one says and others just repeat !