The Midnight Poem !

Hush baby hush ,
go to sleep .
Or are you a night owl
just like me ?

This was a chill kind of a poem . 
Let me know in the comments if you guys like it 🙂


The most sad part and a harsh reality of today’s education system is that it is making children chase marks instead of knowledge .

What I mug up today is forgotten by me tomorrow and this happens with everybody .

Children don’t care whether they understood the core of the topic , they just want marks and mug up everything .
So this way , I think what percentage or GPA is shown on my secondary and higher education certificates is just a mask and I have zero knowledge , the real practical knowledge required to survive outside in the “real” world .

The message that should be spread to the children these days is that once you understand the reason behind and the meaning of the topic,
you will remember what you study and it will stay with you for a while and will help you apply in real life situations too .

Please convey this to your kids or anyone you know !


My heart is open
and I’m trying to give ,
to whoever wants it too .

My heart is open
for anyone to come ,
and share their feelings too .

My heart is open
and it’s a wound that has lasted ,
a long while now .

My heart is open
and it’s bleeding forever ,
I don’t know if I can stop it soon .


At the back of my head , there is always a thought that I never want to repeat any content in my blog so I’m always a little bit conscious about that .

The most important thing for me was and is originality .
My bios’ always used to say two things : ” Originality satisfies ” and ” Poetry is eternal ” .

The surprising part of it all is that ideas keep flowing in my mind and I never really have nothing to post but instead I have content prepared well in advance and I post in moderation .

The majority of what I write comes from observation and I’m really grateful for that because anything I experience or observe is orginal to me , so it satisfies both the conditions .

Share your views !


It was a regular day for me . 
Another boring day at college was over and I was going back home in the metro .

Now , my college and my home are 11 stations apart and I stand and wait for when lesser people are entering so I can sit down and not feel bad for occupying a seat .

That day , the whole train was empty and I was still not sitting down for some reason , but then a man pointed to the seat beside him and offered me to sit .

I felt really good and thanked him , but now there were about 4 more stations left so I had to make an innocent face so that he thinks that I'm a "nice" kid and that I deserved to sit on the seat .

This incident was kind of funny when I thought about writing in a blog , but I don't think it turned out as funny as I thought .


You can either look at the opportunities or look at the obstacles .

The skill of looking at the positives first and then assessing the negatives is widely found in entrepreneurs nowadays .

If I have a business opportunity never started by anyone before and I keep thinking about the obstacles of starting it .

Once the starting obstacle has been overcome then anything is possible!

Even while starting to indulging into new prospects or hobbies , overcoming the first roadblock is the most difficult thing but remember that the journey ahead will be so much worth it .